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It is often noted that while the left is protesting the right is out working to support their  families. People very often say what can I do to help I have to work. Everybody who cares about this country can do something. I would suggest that anyone who hears the left spewing any hurtful or untrue rhetoric towards anyone on the right call them out on it. As is done in part by media who posts left wing TV hosts who misrepresent the Facts. Let the right , as is done on this website contact the sponsors of these left wing delusional liberals and threaten to boycott their product. This is not something that should just be done through media but in every walk of life where a  misrepresentation of truth is exhibited. Please pass this on

Andrew Cangelosi

Simple: Trump is Right on Immigration Delay

The *Conservative Party* fully supports President Trump’s Executive Order
that imposed a temporary ban on immigrants from the seven identified
countries. This reasonable and Constitutional delay will allow America’s
law enforcement and intel agencies to review the vetting process which can
help protect the United States from the obvious threat of terrorist
infiltration of immigrants from those nations.

*CP-USA* urges all conservative groups, Tea Party organizations and
courageous Republicans (both of them) to stand with the President on this
critical issue during this time of hysterical psychosis by the media
Opposition Party, Democrats and the liberal wingnuts running our
corporations. Drama Queen Chuck Schumer will just have to get a new acting
coach. Perhaps Meryl Streep can help.

We suppose all this emotion erupted because Washington gets confused when a
candidate actually tries to keep his campaign … Read More

When Two Wrongs Make a Right

Jill Stein, 2016 presidential candidate of the Green Party, having no chance of reversing her dismal loss, nevertheless asked for and was given a hearing for a recount in three states. That’s one wrong. Hillary Clinton, also losing in the same 2016 election, joined in the recount request after having conceding her loss to Donald Trump. That was wrong number two.

These two wrongs, however they play out, demonstrated the increased importance of a minority party today, thus making for a “right.”

How is that?

Electioneering is speech. Controlling the speech gives a political party tremendous advantage. In the early days of our republic, political speech was oratory, newsprint, signage, pamphleting and word of mouth. Even with the later introduction of radio and television, the reality has been that two major parties, Republican and Democrat, have controlled the political speech. For purposes here, we shall call them the political “establishment.” … Read More

GOP Has No Place To Hide Now

The Conservative Party extends our heartfelt and sincere congratulations to President-elect Donald J. Trump for his epic Election Day victory.  Patriotic Americans across the fruited plain made a collective sigh of relief because the long-term corruption and unrepentant lies of Billary Clinton were not rewarded.  If the FBI didn’t have the courage to provide legal justice in July, God and the America people swore they would remember in November.

The 2016 election totally repudiated everything Obama and the crass immorality of Clinton.  The Unites States would have lurched from scandal to scandal to scandal if Clinton had won.

Ding dong, the witch is dead…the wicked witch is dead. Burn all the brooms and don’t worry about global warming.

Not only did Trump eviscerate all those feckless Democrat-sponsored media polls, he also shredded the faded and worn fabric of the DC Establishment. That includes all the weak-kneed Republican Establishment that shunned … Read More

Scalia is dead: Conservatives Now Live in Fear and Dread

The Conservative Party extends its heartfelt sympathy to the Scalia family and the United States of America.  Antonin Scalia was a legal lion the likes of which America will never see again on the Supreme Court.  His brilliance had no equal and he was respected by legal friends and adversaries alike. God speed Justice Scalia.

Although Scalia was a legal scholar and a fine gentleman, he had the bad manners to die during a critical presidential election cycle.  His death not only creates doubt about pending cases on illegal immigration and abortion, Scalia’s passing also gives Obama and Democrats a grand opportunity to add another liberal to SCOTUS.  This will drag the Court further left for the next two generations.  If Obama gets his way, Americans who believe in the Constitution and traditional values will be cast into the shadows and marginalized for years.  If you think SCOTUS decisions on … Read More

Happy New Year: Limbaugh & Graham Slash GOP – FINALLY

The rough and tumble year in politics ended 2015 on a high note for true Conservatism.  Rush Limbaugh and Franklin Graham finally came to their senses by publically smashing and crashing the very outdated notion that America needs the Republican Party anymore.  Welcome to the party, gentlemen.  It’s about time.

Taliban-bearded Paul Ryan, Snitch McConnell and the usual suspects in the hidebound GOP establishment passed a $1.2 Trillion Budget that betrayed most of the campaign promises Republicans made to America during the past four years.  Sneaker Boehner passed the “Torch of Betrayal” to Ryan and sang “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” while doing so.  This Budget calamity funded EVERYTHING Obama and the Democrats wanted.  Planned Parenthood was funded in toto.  So was Obama’s plan to settle 10,000 Syrian refugees in America against the will of the people.

In addition to raising the national debt yet again, this Budget fiasco also gave ObamaCare more operating … Read More

Obama is the “Clear & Present Danger” to America.

The recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris bring Obama’s haphazard immigration and foreign policies into sharp relief. The Syrian refugee surge in Europe will become the same problem in America if we let Obama have his way. Radical Muslim terrorists play on our sense of compassion and will intermingle with innocent immigrants so they can to wreck havoc in the United States. Take heed America!

Even “moderate” Muslims do not assimilate with the cultures to which they immigrate for a key reason: they want to fundamentally change those cultures. Muslims understand that gradual immigration without assimilation is invasion without the need for war. Sadly, too many Europeans (and US liberals) are oblivious to this dangerous trend. We might have to change the map of Europe to include “The Islamic Republic of Germany” within the next 10 years. Take heed Europe!

Barack Hussein Obama – May peace be upon Him – … Read More

GOP Has Lost The Right to Control Congress

The latest Obama-Boehner-Ryan Budget travesty properly reflects just how far – as in low – the Republicans have fallen.

This craven Budget is full of tricks and gimmicks, adds $900 Billion to the National Debt, scraps hard-won spending caps, restores the EX-IM Bank, funds Planned Parenthood and raises the Debt Ceiling for the next two years. This Bill is so embarrassing that Republican “leadership” lowered their heads and slid it under the Senate door in the dead of night to avoid having to face Ted Cruz and other conservatives before the sun came up. Just like vampires.

How bad is this Budget? Well, this Budget is so bad that Marco Rubio actually returned to the Senate to vote against it. You know it’s bad if Rubio skipped a campaign event to vote. He probably thought the Bill increased H-1B Visas for cheap foreign tech workers. Ooops.

And make no mistake; … Read More

Civil Disobedience and Article V are Pathways to…Revolution

“….Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,…”

Those words were written by the Founders in the Declaration of Independence and have inspired many Americans over the years. Based on the recent failures of our Federal government regarding illegal immigration and the Supreme Court forcing gay marriage, the Conservative National Coalition (CNC) is forming to challenge government with the concepts of Nullification and Interposition.

CNC will have a webinar for those interested in advancing these concepts on Saturday, 11/21/15 at 12 noon EST. Please visit for more information.

Is the GOP “Leadership” Being Blackmailed Into Submission?

Last week Americans learned that Obama’s disgraceful and dangerous
Iran Nuke Deal “passed” the Senate. Of course Tea Party members and
Conservatives started asking a number of legitimate questions. But
the most important question is: Since a majority of 58 Senators (54
Republicans & 4 Democrats) voted NO, how did it “pass” considering
the GOP controls the Senate?

The straightforward answer is the GOP collapsed and refused to force
the Democrats to actually filibuster. The mere threat by Democrats
to filibuster was enough to scuttle the vote. The limp-wristed
Republicans did not have the political courage to make Democrats
stand on the Senate floor and conduct a real filibuster.

Why do Senate Republicans refuse to exercise the power of the
majority to stop Executive Amnesty, illegal immigration and the Iran
Nuke Deal? Since it only requires a simple majority … Read More