Declare a National Election Day Holiday

Declare a National Election Day Holiday to Restore and Preserve Election Integrity

The very cornerstone on which our Republic’s foundation was established is the belief the best government is one in which we the people choose those we believe represent our ideals, values and principles to govern in our stead. In order to preserve a government of the people, by the people and for the people there must be a diligent effort to ensure those who are elected to represent us are done so by an election system free of fraud, waste and abuse.

Today, our election system has been manipulated to serve the narratives and agendas of those who do not always have our Republic’s best interests at heart but rather their own special interests. It is a noble gesture to make it as easy as possible for a citizen to cast their ballot in secret, free from influential corruption, unobstructed from circumstances that may hinder them from voting, but not at the expense of the system itself. Integrity, honesty and accuracy can be restored and preserved through such actions:

  • Declare a National Holiday for the sole purpose of allowing private citizens to make their way to their local polling establishments and cast their ballot.
  • Eliminate voting by mail except in those circumstances where an absentee ballot as prescribed by law is allowed. This may include not only citizens residing outside the U.S. but those confined to institutions such as hospitals and care facilities that cannot by any other means obtain and cast a ballot. Where resources allow, establish physical polling outlets within such facilities, monitored by trained poll workers and assigned ballot pick up teams.
  • Eliminate registering to vote and casting a ballot on Election Day.  Provisional ballots can only be issued to a voter who has lost or never received their respective Voter Guides and can prove their identity matched against the voter roll.
  • Eliminate early voting by mail or at a designated polling place.
  • Eliminate voting machines. Issue paper ballots which are cast on Election Day, collected and transferred to designated counting facilities. 
  • Require an accepted form of identification upon arrival to a polling place to ensure voter is indeed registered within that district, city or state to cast a ballot.
  • Purge voter rolls no less than every Presidential voting cycle to ensure unqualified ballots are not cast.
  • Outlaw registering voters through any institution(s) other than respective State Voter Registrars. This includes any Federal entity like the DMV of a state, Post Office or Welfare office.
  • Outlaw media outlets from declaring races on Election Night before all polls have closed across the continent.

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