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Five Key Reasons for Leaving The GOP

Although the reasons why true conservatives should leave the GOP are manifold, they can all be condensed and represented within these five Key Reasons.

Reason 1: The Republican Party Has Lost Its Core Values
Reason 2: Republicans Lack Real Leadership or Vision
Reason 3: Conservative Party will Provide a Genuine and Unambiguous Conservative Platform
Reason 4: Conservative Party won’t Marginalize Conservatives
Reason 5: Conservative Party will exert a much needed rightward pull on the body politic.

Reason 1: The Republican Party Has Lost Its Core Values

No one would have ever imagined that a Republican controlled Congress led by a Republican President (Bush 43) could have ever outspent any modern era Democrat administration by fourfold in non-defense spending. During the past 14 years the Republicans have: allowed the the national debt to double; allowed Earmarks to explode; voted to increased the budget deficit every year they controlled the House; let the trade deficit triple; allowed illegal immigration to explode; failed to protect and defend US borders; failed to repeal ObamaCare. In addition, Republicans have never filibustered or vetoed any spending bill no matter how pork-laden; failed to curb abortion-on-demand or late-term abortions; overseen rising national drug use; allowed the liberal media set our agenda and pick its candidates (John McCain & Mitt Romney); stood by while the homosexual agenda gained strength; and let school prayer and private school vouchers get squashed.

And, Republicans capitulated on the DHS spending Bill and allowed Obama to implement Executive Amnesty for illegal aliens.

Reason 2: Republicans Lack Real Leadership or Vision

While giving credit for enacting the Bush tax cut, Republicans have not promulgated any far-reaching, bold or visionary legislative initiatives since the Newt Gingrich Contract For America. Nothing new about reducing America’s dependency on foreign oil (Keystone XL Pipeline is Canadian oil) or growing our renewable energy infrastructure. Failing to stop Obama’s illegal immigration amnesty (Where is Tom Trancedo when we need him?).

Nothing on solving the growing health care problems or repealing ObamaCare. Nothing on improving education except for No Child Left Behind….a Ted Kennedy bill. At the risk of sounding like a New York Times editorial, Republicans have become risk averse and provincial.

Question: What current Republican politician really excites or motivates Conservatives? John Boehner or Mitch McConnell? That’s funny. Rand Paul? Hmmm. Jeb Bush? Really! Scott Walker? Maybe. Ted Cruz. Perhaps. Republicans certainly don’t have anyone ready, willing and able to challenge the Messiah, Barack Obama.

While Reasons 1 and 2 outline a partial litany of valid reasons why Conservatives should leave the GOP, Reasons 3 – 5 provide the rationale for joining the Conservative Party.

Reason 3: The Conservative Party Provides a Genuine and Unambiguous Conservative Platform

No matter what the main stream media, Chris Christy and Jeb Bush tell you, candidates who adhere to a solid conservative platform can – and do – win elections. John McCain and Romney lost for a myriad of reasons not the least of which was failing to energize the Conservative base. Even Sarah Palin’s pretty skirts couldn’t hide McCain’s long, less-than-conservative voting record (against the Bush tax cuts; McCain-Feingold; Amnesty for illegals, etc.).

The Conservative Party will appeal to a large, solid base of energized (and loyal) conservative voters because it will finally give voice to their long-held aspirations. Make no mistake, most Americans are actually conservative. Conservatives can then present a clear, genuine and robust agenda without regard to media musings and all those squishy RINO’s. God love ‘em but conservative Republicans (both of them) just don’t have the spine needed to withstand the negative media assaults or lack of GOP support.

A clear, common sense platform built on an unshakable conservative foundation will become a powerful political entity fully capable of withstanding the liberal whirlwinds racing across America today. “Build it and they will come.” In droves. Especially after the über Liberal Obama administration has shown its true colors.

Reason 4: Conservative Party Won’t Marginalize Conservatives

The GOP has historically marginalized conservatives during election cycles and just flat out ignored them in the off years. It is unconscionable that Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush, support giving amnesty, health care, SSN numbers and drivers licenses to illegal aliens. It is incredible that a Republican President (Bush 43) never vetoed any of the pork-laden budgets many of which were crafted by a GOP led Congress.

Conservatives are required to compromise, suppress or conceal their principles to remain part of the Republican Party. They are forced go along to get along to appeal to that mythical “Big Tent”. Sadly, that Tent is now swarming with snakes (Liberal media), RINO’s (Moderate Republicans), donkeys (Democrats), coyotes (Illegal alien jockeys) and marshmallows (Independents). Instead of a politically harmonized party led by strong GOP elephants, the Republican Party has devolved into a weak, ineffective horde that looks like the bar scene crowd in the first Star Wars movie. The RNC now stands for the “RINO National Committee”.

The Conservative Party will stop all this nonsense by building a local, regional and national support base for conservatives. We will no longer be ignored, kept at arm’s length, held hostage or taken for granted by the GOP. Most importantly, however, the Conservative Party will create a legitimate and politically viable alternative to the RNC. And that’s the KEY point in this whole movement.

The four Reasons shown above illustrate why Conservatives should disown the rudderless and soft Republicans and made the case for creating the Conservative Party. Reason Five is logical conclusion that bundles them into a unified concept.

Reason 5: Conservative Party will exert a much needed rightward pull on the body politic.

The Conservative Party will give conservatives and Tea Party activists a strong political support base (a Party) that allows them to formulate genuine conservative agenda and to articulate their views to the American people without fear or reservation. The Party then creates the political environment that will encourage members to run for elected office and populate the halls of State legislators and the US Congress. We won’t win in anything in Berkeley or Hollywood but will be very powerful in other parts of California, most of Texas, Utah, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Georgia and hundreds of county seats in the rest of America’s fruited plains. One voter, one county, one Representative, one Senator….at a time.

Conservatives must change their mindset which wrongly assumes that gaining a majority is the only way to “win”. While the Conservative Party won’t initially garner majorities in any State or US Congress in the near future, it will gradually grow to exert a strong, constant rightward pull on America’s political landscape. Not only will the Party gradually become strong center of gravity on its own, it will also – irony of ironies – be the next evolutionary step for the Tea Party.

At long last conservatives will be able to stand tall, hold their heads high, give unwavering voice their agenda and build a strong, durable conservative platform.

“Come Home America”

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