Our Mission Defined

The mission statement of the Conservative Party (CP-USA) is as follows:

Our mission is to re-establish the limits and boundaries of Government as framed by the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.

A question may arise, and it has, over the fact that the CP-USA mission statement makes no direct reference to the Constitution. This point of fact is intentional, and lays the groundwork for the preferred presentation by CP-USA of its mission statement.

Scholars of the Humanities make the argument that political thought throughout history can be demonstrated to be a “bundle of twigs” representing the current arts of the times such as, letter writing, pamphleting, painting, cartooning, sculpture, along with music and oratory, to name some. The same can be said for the early period of America.

In order to understand the government designed by our Founding Fathers, one must look within the “bundle of twigs” for the answer.

By limiting CP-USA’s mission defined only to the Constitution, it has not advanced an accurate understanding of our government. Under the banner of the Constitution, irrefutable harm to our country has been done in the minds of many Conservatives by a run-away judiciary finding within the same Constitution we honor, ways to erase the Founding Father’s design. Our citizens cannot understand and appreciate the Constitution without gaining an understanding of how it came into being. The Declaration of Independence is not constitutional law, but was a condition precedent. The Federalist Papers are not law, but reflect the intellect of the times. “Faith of our Fathers” is not law but must be “Living still.”

The mission of the Conservative Party is to restore into practice the “entire” design of our nation’s founding.

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