Charity is Local


Why should the subject of charity be included in the website of a political organization such as ours? Truth be known, Charity is a natural human trait, and precisely why re-emphasizing charity is an important part of our Party’s mission.

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary defines charity as, “dearness, love.” From that underpinning, the public’s understanding of charity has evolved into a more expanded definition. We now more realistically define charity as a benevolent act to;

1. Shelter the homeless.
2. Feed the Hungry.
3. Clothe the naked.
4. Care for the Sick.
5. Reach out to the Imprisoned.
6. Bury the dead.

Charity in America was founded on the Judeo-Christian philosophy of charity described biblically in many places, one of which is, “When you give a banquet, invite the poor.” This verse illustrates that giving to others is an act of brotherly love. If we are to live that message, charity must be returned to the individual level, away from the government level which is the prevalent condition today. Government as an institution cannot extend true charity because government cannot love, only individuals can as charity is the giving of one‘s self out of caring love. Charity in government is an oxymoron because for government to give charity to one, it must take away from another.

The Conservative Party USA adheres to the principle of subsidiarity, which is that social problems are best answered at the lowest possible level of society. And that certainly includes charity. How apt is the expression that “Charity begins at home.”

In support of local charities, the Conservative Party USA encourages its volunteers of each state party affiliate to recognize and support a local charity of their choosing. Although the charity will be sponsored by the affiliate, the affiliate is careful to advertise that the charity was not an official unilateral action of the affiliate officers, because that would send a message that naming a charity requires a superior body-politic similar to government.

Further, affiliates act as sponsors in name only and no direct solicitation of funds by an affiliate for the selected charity is permitted. Charity is not only about money, but also the act of giving of one’s services one-on-one.

This action of the Conservative Party USA is to re-awaken the individual’s responsibility for benevolent acts of charity at the local, family, and community levels.

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