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About Our Conservative Party Seal.Conservative Party Seal (200 ppi)

History tells us that from its beginning man caused some type of marking to be identified with himself, his tribe or clan. It may have been markings in prehistoric cave dwellings, an image on battle shields, arrow feather markings, or stones on the ground, something. From that start came the concept of the “Seal.” indicating one’s importance.

The importance attached to a seal may be used to authenticate a signature on documents, as varied as from that of a Notary Public’s seal to that of royalty. A seal may be the representation of an office, such as that of the President of the United States, a religious official, or a state government. It may be used to ratify or “seal” legal and judicial documents.

An early form of the seal was the signature mark followed by the letters, L.S. There are two generally accepted meanings of the use of L.S. One is the abbreviation for the Latinism “legi scripto” which means read my signature for the seal, and the other is “locus sigilli“, meaning the place reserved for the signatory’s unique seal. This unique seal was often pressed into melted wax dripped upon the document. In summary, seals grew to be used in connection with extremely important actions. It was in this tradition that in 1776, the Continental Congress authorized a committee to create a national seal for the new country.

Seals are not by definition, logos, although they may grow into such use. A logo is considered a “fanciful” image that appeals to one’s senses. As fancies change, logos are often changed. A logo color in use at one time may grow in disfavor in the future and would be changed. A seal is a heraldic image. Every element has a special meaning and thus unchangeable because to change one element would be to “break the seal.”

The mission of the Conservative Party USA is to be guided by the leadership of the Founding Fathers, so it sought to also duplicate their leadership by creating a Great Seal of the Conservative Party of the United States of America. The party seal is to attach to any and all matters which the Conservative Party USA considers of the highest and greatest concerns. These are the heraldic elements of its party seal.

  1. The seal is the Great” seal meaning the only seal of the party.
  2. The seal is round indicating that the principles of natural law embraced in the Declaration of Independence have no beginning and no end.
  3. There are 13 stars to emblazon the 13 original states, the new constellation. It is an interesting side-note that 13 Conservative Party USA affiliates ratified the initial political party platform in convention in New Orleans, July 2010.
  4. The large star with USA represents the North Star, a large star for celestial navigation and a beacon for direction.
  5. The white color stands for Innocence and Purity of Purpose.
  6. The red color is for Hardiness and Valor.
  7. The blue color stands for Perseverance, Vigilance, and Justice.
  8. The gold color stands for Currency. Not monetary currency, but the currency of authentication of principle.

The reverse of the Conservative Party USA Seal has not been completed, and still under design.

The official colors of the front side of the Seal are:

Four-color Process, Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K):

Dark Blue – C:83, M:80, Y:49, K:58
Red – C:9, M:98, Y:100, K:1
Gold – C:27, M:19, Y:100, K:0

Spot Color Printing, Pantone Matching System (PMS):

Dark Blue – PMS 276
Red – PMS 179
Gold – PMS 7765

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