Declare a National Election Day

Declare a National Election Day Holiday to Restore and Preserve Election Integrity

The very cornerstone on which our Republic’s foundation was established is the belief the best government is one in which we the people choose those we believe represent our ideals, values and principles to govern in our stead. In order to preserve a government of the people, by the people and for the people there must be a diligent effort to ensure those who are elected to represent us are done so by an election system free of fraud, waste and abuse.

Upon Congressional introduction of a National Election Day Holiday Act, said Act shall also require the following election laws as indispensable sections of the Act, each of which is to be completed as soon as possible, but not later than three years following passage of the Act. 

Senator John McCain Eulogy

The Conservative Party USA expresses our condolences to the family of John McCain.

We wish his family peace & tranquility during this difficult time and wish to give Thanks for his service in uniform to our military.

As an organization founded and voluntarily administrated by veterans we recognize all who wear the uniforms of all who serve!


Trump Must Plug Deep State Leaks

It’s rather obvious to anyone paying even a farthing’s worth of attention
that President Trump’s agenda is being threatened by a pernicious gang of
Obama holdovers who are hell-bent on destroying his Administration from
within. The Trump Ship of State is taking on water faster than the Titanic.
His agenda will suffer death by drowning unless those Deep State traitors
are exposed, removed and prosecuted. Soon!

Perhaps we should classify these cowardly leakers as garbage-bound
leftovers, not holdovers. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is an Obama
holdover because, like them or not, her actions were open and transparent.
The scum who leaked transcripts of Trump’s private conversations with
Mexican and Australian leaders, however, are week-old leftovers. But the
Deep State leftovers who leaked details of General Flynn’s discussions with
Russian diplomats to the media committed treason. There is … Read More

Obama forming anarchist Army

Barak Obama is forming an anarchist Army to take down the Trump
Administration. The Conservative Party will do all we can to counter any and
all attempts to take down our Government and replace it with a Shadow
Government run by Dictator Barak Obama. Donate now as we have no time to
waste as this Army is already 50000 strong and they are training more all
the Time. Donate to
now. Time is of the essence to
counter this insurgency.

Obama Is the Real Hacking Outrage

According to Obama and Democrats, those heathen, vodka-swilling Ruskies
hacked into DNC servers and threatened the very core of American
democracy. Some of those silly media wimps even claimed the hacking was
the political equivalent of 9/11. Sounds serious, no?

So, what did America’s rough, tough creampuff President do about this cyber
version of Pearl Harbor? Obama claimed he personally told Putin to “cut it
out.” Really!

Well, that should have done the trick. The former KGB strong-man who kills
journalists for sport, kidnaps and jails his enemies and controls the
world’s most ruthless spy apparatchik was surely frightened by Obama’s
ominous warning, right? After all, Putin’s face actually turned …white.

Was Vladimir afraid of Barrack? Nyet on your life, Ivan. Putin eats waifs
like Obama for quick protein snacks before invading whole countries like
Crimea, Ukraine … Read More


The Conservative Theatre Festival celebrates diversity in the arts by bringing the conservative point of view front and center.  The six short plays presented represent the often unheard voice of millions of Americans who are frustrated at the direction our country has taken over the past many years.  What better place to express those frustrations than on the stage, a forum for discontent for centuries?  And remember: disagreement does NOT equal hate! The link to this event is: