Trump Must Plug Deep State Leaks

It’s rather obvious to anyone paying even a farthing’s worth of attention
that President Trump’s agenda is being threatened by a pernicious gang of
Obama holdovers who are hell-bent on destroying his Administration from
within. The Trump Ship of State is taking on water faster than the Titanic.
His agenda will suffer death by drowning unless those Deep State traitors
are exposed, removed and prosecuted. Soon!

Perhaps we should classify these cowardly leakers as garbage-bound
leftovers, not holdovers. Acting Attorney General Sally Yates is an Obama
holdover because, like them or not, her actions were open and transparent.
The scum who leaked transcripts of Trump’s private conversations with
Mexican and Australian leaders, however, are week-old leftovers. But the
Deep State leftovers who leaked details of General Flynn’s discussions with
Russian diplomats to the media committed treason. There is no justification
for their perfidious behavior. None!

Unless the leaks are plugged shortly and the irresponsible rogues found,
the danger that more serious misuse of classified material will escalate
because that abuse will be magnified by a willing media. That poses an
obvious peril for the president’s foreign policy initiatives and grave
terrorist threats to America.

The *Conservative Party* urges all its members and like-minded Americans to
demand that Congress and the Trump Administration to spare no expense,
ignore no law and leave no stone unturned when searching for those
treasonous vermin who are roaming the halls of government hiding in plain
sight. The hunt should be driven by Attorney General Sessions and
supplemented by tough Congressional investigations. Forget those silly
Russian probes; those sly Ruskies have already gone hasta la vista, baby.
Worry about the Deep State leakers who are still inside the gates now.

*CP-USA* desperately hopes Republicans will finally demonstrate some
political courage by supporting Trump’s agenda and nailing the leakers.
Based on their sordid history of capitulation, however, we are not sanguine
about that prospect. You can already see Republicans wilting under the
“Repeal ObamaCare” spotlight. Waxed mustaches and clay feet tend to melt
when things get hot.

Keep Republicans accountable..*JOIN CP-USA*

*H. Michael Hervey*
Chief Political Officer
Conservative Party USA
Twitter: @cpartyusa_01

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