Trump Must Plug Deep State Leaks

It’s rather obvious to anyone paying even a farthing’s worth of attention
that President Trump’s agenda is being threatened by a pernicious gang of
Obama holdovers who are hell-bent on destroying his Administration from
within. The Trump Ship of State is taking on water faster than the … Read More

Obama Is the Real Hacking Outrage

According to Obama and Democrats, those heathen, vodka-swilling Ruskies
hacked into DNC servers and threatened the very core of American
democracy. Some of those silly media wimps even claimed the hacking was
the political equivalent of 9/11. Sounds serious, no?

So, what did America’s rough, tough … Read More


The Conservative Theatre Festival celebrates diversity in the arts by bringing the conservative point of view front and center.  The six short plays presented represent the often unheard voice of millions of Americans who are frustrated at the direction our country has taken over the past many years.  What better … Read More

Everyone Should Love Trump Now

The *Conservative Party* is puzzled by all the faux outrage expressed by
Democrats, the media and certain Republicans about the intemperate comments
Trump made 11 years ago about a woman. Granted, those boastful locker room
comments/actions (if true) are inexcusable for anyone, let alone a man
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CP-USA Urges McDonald’s Boycott

The disgraceful trend of American companies replacing their American-born
employees with low paid foreign workers continues unabated. Last week
McDonald’s announced it was firing 70 American accountants in our heartland
(Ohio) and switching to cheap H-1B bean counters from East Asia.

It’s tragic to see an … Read More