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Puerto Rico Bankrupt 87 Billion in Debt -

While others look at Greece as a financial problem. Puerto Rico bankruptcy
is a “BIG” US problem


Press Release
The Conservative Party Supports Free Speech, Offensive to Muslims or Not -

Last month two Islamic terrorists attempted to assassinate three of the world’s best known critics of violent Islam: Geert Wilders of the Netherlands and … Read More

Conservative Party USA EagleConservative Editorial
SCOTUS Gave Gay Mafia Ammo to Kill American Values -

Few can reasonably dispute that Justice Roberts and Justice Kennedy have been totally intimidated by Obama and the liberal media for the past six … Read More

Conservative Party USA: Conservative CrewOn The Campaign Trail
Project Mayberry -

The time has come for all true Conservatives, like-minded Independents and Tea Party activists to join the Conservative Party (CP-USA). We are emerging as … Read More

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