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Welcome to our online community. Our mission here is to help our party supporters cast meaningful votes in national and local elections. All members and volunteers periodically receive the Conservative Party USA online newsletter. If a party voting member we will seek their opinion from time to time through our online polling system. Last, please join our group on Facebook; CPartyUSA.

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CP-USA Officer Nominations Are Open - As outlined in the By-Laws, the Conservative Party is pleased to announce it will accept candidates for the Senior Staff positions to help lead the party in 2017 and beyond.  All CP-USA members who wish to be considered for the positions outlined below should submit their name, desired position, a … Read More
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It is often noted that while the left is protesting the right is out working to support their  families. People very often say what can I do to help I have to work. Everybody who cares about this country can do something. I would suggest that anyone who hears the … Read More

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Opinion about Trump’s cabinet will issue just as soon as we now more!

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