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Obama lies again about Obamacare -

President Obama declared that 8 Million had signed up for Obamacare when in
reality only 3.65 Million signed up and only 2.45 Million … Read More

Press Release
Tea Party Nation Endorses Conservative Party USA -

For Immediate Release:

1/13/14 Tea Party Nation Endorses Conservative Party USA

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Conservative Party USA EagleConservative Editorial
GOP Must Reject Obama’s Blank Check Scam -

The recent surge of illegal immigrants from Central America demolishes the notion that America’s borders are secure.  Not by a long shot.  Border security … Read More

Conservative Party USA: Conservative CrewOn The Campaign Trail
Project Mayberry -

The time has come for all true Conservatives, like-minded Independents and Tea Party activists to join the Conservative Party (CP-USA). We are emerging as … Read More

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