Trump Growing The GOP with…Democrats

It’s clear that Donald Trump confused acting “Presidential” at the last

debate with acting like he just had a frontal lobotomy. His performance

looked like Jack Nicholson after his brain operation in the movie “One Flew

Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”. He was calm, reserved and humble. In other words

he was not being Trump. If that’s what America has to look forward to then

it will be a boring first term.

Of course the main problem is that if he keeps acting like Trump then he

won’t get elected in the first place. His negatives are so sky high even

Hillary’s negatives start looking acceptable in comparison to much of the


Trump even brags that he’s expanding the GOP by attracting Democrats and

others who seldom voted before. Well, for heaven’s sake, the LAST thing the

Republican Party needs is more people who think like Democrats. There are

already too many RINO’s in the GOP. That’s why they’re in trouble now.

Adding more democrat-lite people to the GOP is like building a wooden house

on top of a termite hill.

And poor Ben Carson. How can he now endorse Trump after Trump called him a

“psychopath” during the campaign? Unless Ben fell off a building and landed

on his head, it’s clear that Trump bribed him with a possible Cabinet

position. The word “Sellout” does not even begin to describe the tragedy of

a God-fearing person like Carson endorsing a snake oil salesman like Trump.

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