Simple: Trump is Right on Immigration Delay

The *Conservative Party* fully supports President Trump’s Executive Order
that imposed a temporary ban on immigrants from the seven identified
countries. This reasonable and Constitutional delay will allow America’s
law enforcement and intel agencies to review the vetting process which can
help protect the United States from the obvious threat of terrorist
infiltration of immigrants from those nations.

*CP-USA* urges all conservative groups, Tea Party organizations and
courageous Republicans (both of them) to stand with the President on this
critical issue during this time of hysterical psychosis by the media
Opposition Party, Democrats and the liberal wingnuts running our
corporations. Drama Queen Chuck Schumer will just have to get a new acting
coach. Perhaps Meryl Streep can help.

We suppose all this emotion erupted because Washington gets confused when a
candidate actually tries to keep his campaign promises. Since they seldom
display this type of political fortitude, Republicans probably think Trump
is some type of two-headed alien from Alpha Centauri. The fact that he
surprised everyone (including potential terrorists) with the timing of the
Order really flummoxed the DC Establishment since they normally like to
telegraph their intentions to our adversaries.

While it’s true that Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslims during the
campaign, the official Executive Order limits the ban to immigrants from
war-torn countries or terrorist funders like Iran. That means the ban
applies to Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Muslims. The Restriction does
not apply to 40 other Muslim countries which also means it passes
Constitutional muster since there is no religious test. All these pending
lawsuits will fail because the Courts will rule on the language of the
Order; old campaign rhetoric is immaterial.

We recall that in 2011 the Chosen One, Barrack Obama, banned all Iraqis
from entering the United States for six months. But there was none of this
weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth by the liberal commentariat when
that happened. The Justice Department didn’t go rogue and tell its lawyers
to oppose that immigration ban. Which is why *CP-USA* also agrees with
Trump’s firing of the Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for gross
insubordination. Good riddance.

It’s about time that a US President has an immigration policy that
considers what’s good for America and Americans rather than what’s good for

Let’s hope Republicans don’t get intimidated by all this uproar and
backtrack on repealing ObamaCare, cutting regulations and reducing the
debt. Trump won’t blink but the GOP might considering their history of
caving when the chips are down. Republicans now control Congress and the
Executive Branch. No more excuses accepted.

*H. Michael Hervey*
Chief Political Officer
Conservative Party USA
Twitter: @cpartyusa_01

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