Project Mayberry®

Project Mayberry®

The time has come for all true Conservatives, like-minded Independents and Tea Party activists to join the Conservative Party (CP-USA).  We are emerging as America’s real “Second Party” because the two major parties are duplicitous in their ongoing failure to properly govern America.  Their main objective is to get re-elected, not govern.

CP-USA is the next evolution for those in the Tea Party movement that shares traditional conservative family values. They will soon understand the Republican Party – and its leadership – does not share those traditional fiscal and social values.  Both are critical if America is to survive.

Project Mayberry® was inspired by the erstwhile “Andy Griffith Show” about the sheriff of a small town called Mayberry.  The people in that small town held traditional, patriotic, common sense values seldom seen in today’s America.  Project Mayberry® will restore that ethic.

What Is Project Mayberry®?
Project Mayberry® is a coordinated, national effort to break the Democrat-Republican elite stranglehold on Lady Liberty by uniting America’s diverse, conservative, traditional family-value Patriots at the local level.  CP-USA and its strategic partners will identify, train, groom, support and campaign for “down-ticket” conservative candidates for local elected offices for the 2014 election cycle and beyond.  The targeted offices include: Small-town mayors and city council members; Local school and education Boards; Water and Utility Commissions; Local sheriffs; Judges and District Attorneys; State Legislators.

Project Mayberry® will build the conservative movement from the ground-up by creating the solid political foundation needed gain state ballot access and to elect experienced conservative candidates for future state-wide and national offices.

Why America Needs Project Mayberry®?
CP-USA is determined not to repeat the failures of previous third parties that adopted a “top-down” approach. Examples include: John Anderson’s failed run at President in 1980; Ross Perot’s 1992 ill-fated campaign for President with The Reform Party; The Libertarian Party’s affair with shock jock Howard Stern when he ran for NY Governor in 1994; The Constitution Party’s campaign with Chuck Baldwin in 2008.


They all failed mainly because they either did not first establish a solid political base before running (Anderson and Keyes) or because their respective parties were built on personalities rather than solid principles and values (Perot and Stern).  Their parties collapsed when their candidates faltered.  Despite their longevity, neither the Libertarian Party nor the Constitution Party has gained the requisite sustained grass roots support needed to mount winning candidates for these reasons.

CP-USA and Project Mayberry® avoid these mistakes by establishing small, attainable goals built on durable conservative foundations and values that transcend personalities or transitory fads.

The Benefits (Value Proposition) of Project Mayberry®
◊ Creates a unified political infrastructure that allows disparate conservative groups and Tea Party activists to cooperate and advance shared goals.
 Has a long-term vision rather than short-term goals.
 Builds a solid conservative base from the ground-up.
 Requires fewer resources and avoids expensive campaigns needed for major offices.
 Mayberry candidates can run campaigns without compromising their conservative values because the costs are lower; less beholden to contributors.
 Does not always require major party support or official state ballot status. Many down-ticket offices are non-partisan.
 Develops a “Conservative Farm System” that grooms conservative candidates for future major offices.  Down-ticket offices like school boards, county commissioners and judges often set (or thwart) a state’s political agenda.

How Project Mayberry® Works (Outline)
 Each CP-USA Affiliate and strategic partner assigns a person(s) or team to manage all facets of the Project in their respective states.
 Each team will become familiar with relevant state/local election laws and local office requirements.  They will also develop relevant Candidate Pledges to help the screening process.
 Teams will strategize on what specific offices would best exemplify the spirit of Mayberry in their states.  It will be   advantageous to identify non-partisan or down-ticket offices or races where primaries are not required.
 In parallel, team leaders, rank-and-file memberships and strategic partners will seek out and identify potential conservative candidates for those specific down-ticket offices.
 Teams coordinate and support selected candidates for office as required during the 2014 election cycle.

Additional details will be developed and shared as this Project moves forward.

You Can Help Project Mayberry® Succeed
All new initiatives like this need a solid combination of dedicated people who share the vision and financial resources to drive the Project.  CP-USA will solicit help from a variety of sources for Project Mayberry® during 2014 to include various Tea Party groups, conservative political parties such as the 9/12 Project, local Tea Parties, The Constitution Party, The American Conservative Party, The American Independent Party and many others. Conservative educational organizations like the Heritage Foundation and media assistance from Fox News and various talk radio hosts will also be enlisted.

Having talented people is the key. If you would like to contribute your time, energy and talent to Project Mayberry®, please send an email to  Tell us how you are willing to help and how your talents will add value.

All political activities like this need money. Your contribution to Project Mayberry is needed. Anything from $5 to $5,000 will be appreciated.

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