We are a Party of Faith

We are a Party of Faith

People of Faith are acutely aware of the general social and economic decline of American society today. Political turmoil and economic stress have frayed the fabric that binds families. This negatively impacts poor families in general and minority families more so.

The key factors driving this economic decline are the loss of traditional family values, loss of the work ethic and lack of faith in God. Despite the valiant, decades- long effort of church leaders to return our Community to a faith-based lifestyle, too many Americans have fallen prey to the false siren call of secular, government dependency at the expense of faith-based self-reliance and respect for church teachings.

This must stop if we hope to survive and prosper as a People in America.

Unlike the major two parties, The Conservative Party is constitutionally, fiscally and socially conservative. That means we want Americans to understand and adopt the values, principles and culture that made America the greatest nation on earth…notwithstanding its original sin of slavery. While not perfect by modern American standards, the Founding Fathers were men of God first and foremost. The Constitution reflects those values at its heart.

CP-USA is convinced that all Americans, especially minority Americans, will reap sustainable, long-term social and economic benefits by returning to Judea-Christian teachings to guide them. We will also benefit by returning to the principles of the Constitution.

The current amoral political trends washing over America today, however, do not bode well for the values of traditional families. Gay/Lesbian marriage, legalized Pot and increased dependency on government are being pushed by the Democrat Party, with the Republican Party looking the other way.

Democrats are also working overtime to legalize illegal immigrants who will certainly exacerbate the already 14% Black unemployment rate. And yet, minority people continue to vote almost exclusively for Democrats despite these obvious and long-standing deficiencies.

This one-sided political/ideological affiliation with the Democrat Party must stop if minority families hope to prosper in America. Why? Being under the complete control of a single party renders the minority Community politically irrelevant because Democrats take us for granted and Republicans don’t bother.

The Conservative Party’s mission is to return all people to the fundamentals that made America that Shining City. We encourage people of Faith to stand up and speak out to defend their traditional values. Do not be afraid to counter the liberal, Democrat, Republican, and media bullies who are trying to shake the tenets of our Faith. Be not afraid. Have the courage to consider and explore alternatives to “business-as-usual”.

National Leadership Council
Conservative Party USA
June 2013

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