Obama is the “Clear & Present Danger” to America.

The recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris bring Obama’s haphazard immigration and foreign policies into sharp relief. The Syrian refugee surge in Europe will become the same problem in America if we let Obama have his way. Radical Muslim terrorists play on our sense of compassion and will intermingle with innocent immigrants so they can to wreck havoc in the United States. Take heed America!

Even “moderate” Muslims do not assimilate with the cultures to which they immigrate for a key reason: they want to fundamentally change those cultures. Muslims understand that gradual immigration without assimilation is invasion without the need for war. Sadly, too many Europeans (and US liberals) are oblivious to this dangerous trend. We might have to change the map of Europe to include “The Islamic Republic of Germany” within the next 10 years. Take heed Europe!

Barack Hussein Obama – May peace be upon Him – is also trying to fulfill his promise to fundamentally change America’s culture. To supplement the swarms of poor and uneducated illegal Latinos entering the US from the South, he now wants to open the door for thousands of Muslims from the East. Some of those immigrants will be of the ISIS and al-Qaeda persuasion.

No matter what the Democrats and left-wing media tell us, properly vetting people from Syria, Turkey, Somalia and most other mid-East hot spots is virtually impossible. There are no reliable data bases in those countries. Who will the FBI or CIA call to vouch for a Syrian immigrant? Would a signed letter from Assad suffice? How about a “thumbs up” from George Soros? Biometrics and multiple levels of interviews will not screen out terrorists who are practiced liars. And do not believe that women can’t be wanton terrorist killers, too. Nigeria and France are but recent examples of women conducting terrorist attacks. Did you see the video of ISIS teaching a class of young children how to shoot people?

We can assure you that NONE of those media types or Congressional Democrats cheering for Obama to accept Syrian refugees will volunteer to take any of them into their own homes. Not one. How many Muslim refugees are being accepted by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Qatar, Indonesia, Morocco or Tunisia?

One cannot help but notice how irate and defiant Barack Hussein Obama – May peace be upon Him – became when some people suggested that we only allow Christians to enter the States. He never hurled as much invective at any terrorist group as he did at Republicans when they floated the idea of barring Muslims. Obama got so agitated he didn’t even need a teleprompter to spew his poison.

French President Hollande exclaimed the ISIS attacks were an “act of war”. In contrast, Obama merely dubbed the killing and wounding of 400 innocent people a “setback”. You just know it’s bad when a liberal French guy is tougher on terrorists than a US President. Based on his slothful and limp-wristed strategy for beating Islamic terrorists, Americans can now reasonably conclude that it’s actually Obama who poses a clear and present danger to the United States.

But now comes the real test of wills: The House GOP just passed a Bill that would stem the flow of Syrian refugees and require a more robust screening process. Of course it’s problematic if Senate Republicans have the political will or courage to pass it considering that Obama promised a veto. Remember, Republicans have a sordid history of talking tough at first but collapsing when the chips are down. The Conservative Party hopes against hope that Republicans will stand their ground on something as important as America’s security.

We hope Republicans will stand firm on something! …Anything! ….Finally!…Maybe??

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