It’s Time For Rubio and Kasich to Bow Out

Based on their less-than-stellar performances during this primary season,
it’s clear that Senator Rubio and Gov. Kasich need to exit stage left.

Rubio is now deemed by the GOP electorate to be not ready for prime time.
We can all debate the reasons for this until the pyramids erode down to ant
hills but it won’t change the obvious fact that Republicans will not give
Rubio the nod in this cycle. Maybe he’s too young. Maybe he doesn’t have
the requisite gravitas. Maybe his Gang of Eight association is an anchor
around his neck. Whatever!! The bottom line: it’s not Marco’s year. He
earned zero delegates in the 3/8 primaries.

Rubio should now throw whatever little political capital he has left behind
Cruz to stop Trump in Florida. Simple. Clear.

John Kasich has not won a single state. Not even one. His best finish was
a distant second early in the primary process. Hells bells, even Rubio has
out-performed Kasich. He has NO shot at the nomination even if he wins
Ohio by 95 points. So why is he still running?

It looks like Kasich wants the Veep nomination from either Trump or Cruz.
That’s his ONLY play…even if there is a “brokered” convention. And getting
the Veep nod from Trump is problematic because Kasich is so much the
opposite of Trump. It would be a match made in hell. But a Veep slot with
Cruz seems viable especially since Kasich never attacked Cruz.

A true Conservative running with a moderate Veep is a ticket that would
defeat Billary Clinton.

*H. Michael Hervey*
Chief Political Officer
Conservative Party USA
Twitter: @cpartyusa_01

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