Is the GOP “Leadership” Being Blackmailed Into Submission?

Last week Americans learned that Obama’s disgraceful and dangerous
Iran Nuke Deal “passed” the Senate. Of course Tea Party members and
Conservatives started asking a number of legitimate questions. But
the most important question is: Since a majority of 58 Senators (54
Republicans & 4 Democrats) voted NO, how did it “pass” considering
the GOP controls the Senate?

The straightforward answer is the GOP collapsed and refused to force
the Democrats to actually filibuster. The mere threat by Democrats
to filibuster was enough to scuttle the vote. The limp-wristed
Republicans did not have the political courage to make Democrats
stand on the Senate floor and conduct a real filibuster.

Why do Senate Republicans refuse to exercise the power of the
majority to stop Executive Amnesty, illegal immigration and the Iran
Nuke Deal? Since it only requires a simple majority to pass, why
doesn’t the GOP use Budget Reconciliation to defund ObamaCare? Why
does the GOP-controlled House refuse to use the Power of the Purse to
shape policies?

This is an extremely sad state of affairs for the sissy-boy GOP.
Republicans used to “play fight” for a while, then crumple and wave
the white flag of surrender. At least they pretended to fight
Democrats and stand up to Obama. Just picture a bunch of silly high
school cheerleaders having a pillow fight at a pajama party. They
giggle, flail their arms around, feathers flying, then collapse in a
heap, happily exhausted. That’s how Republicans used to fight.

These days, however, girly-men Republicans surrender FIRST and just
skip “play fight” part. They don’t even want to smudge their
mascara. Now the GOP starts negotiations by promising not to put up
a fight or use their majority power to push conservative policies.
“We’ll get them next time” Mitch McConnell sheepishly bleated.
“We’ll sue the president” blustered John Boehner as he scurried off
to the nearest bar (What happened to the fake ObamaCare lawsuit,
John?). Republican Senator Corker actually said he was “Very
disappointed that we could not stop the Iran Deal but there was
nothing we could do.” Really! He was “disappointed”! How pathetic!
This is what happens to men who played with dolls when they were

The net effect of this lack of political courage: There is absolutely
NO DIFFERENCE between the policies enacted when Republicans control
Congress today and when Democrats controlled Congress yesterday.
ObamaCare and Executive Amnesty are still getting funded. Planned
Parenthood will get funded again in the next budget cycle
(Republicans will cave on that, too). The Debt Ceiling will be
raised and the National Debt will increase. And the Iran Deal will
get implemented.


All of the above begs these serious questions: Are Congressional
Republicans being bribed? Are they being blackmailed into
submission? Can Republicans really be this inept, corrupt and
cowardly on their own volition? If so, then what is the real purpose
of the GOP? Of what value is it? Should it even exist anymore?

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