Why Trump Attacks Fox & Megan Kelly

Repeatedly picking fights with Fox News and Megan Kelly is one of the most

puzzling things Donald Trump has done during this campaign. Why would he

wrestle with the most dominant cable news organization, especially the

network that attracts the most Republicans and Conservatives?

Despite the fact that talking heads on CNN, NBC and ABC have constantly

trashed Trump and everything about Trump, he never attacks or points

figures at them. Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Mathews and others at MSNBC call

Trump everything under the sun yet Trump holds his fire. Why?

There are four clear reasons for that strategy: There is no down-side to

attacking the media, even Fox News; Trump grabs headlines from the rest of

the media that hates Fox due to professional envy at their high ratings;

Democrats and Independents are delighted when someone of stature like Trump

attacks Fox; and Trump crowds out Ted Cruz in all the news cycles until he

drops another controversial bomb.

And Fox News falls for this ploy every time by complaining and whining

about Trump’s attacks. Dumb. That’s why the news is Trump all day, everyday.

*H. Michael Hervey*

Chief Political Officer

Conservative Party USA


Twitter: @cpartyusa_01

Tumblr: hmhervey.tumblr.com/

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