Scalia is dead: Conservatives Now Live in Fear and Dread

The Conservative Party extends its heartfelt sympathy to the Scalia family and the United States of America.  Antonin Scalia was a legal lion the likes of which America will never see again on the Supreme Court.  His brilliance had no equal and he was respected by legal friends and adversaries alike. God speed Justice Scalia.

Although Scalia was a legal scholar and a fine gentleman, he had the bad manners to die during a critical presidential election cycle.  His death not only creates doubt about pending cases on illegal immigration and abortion, Scalia’s passing also gives Obama and Democrats a grand opportunity to add another liberal to SCOTUS.  This will drag the Court further left for the next two generations.  If Obama gets his way, Americans who believe in the Constitution and traditional values will be cast into the shadows and marginalized for years.  If you think SCOTUS decisions on ObamaCare and gay marriage were malevolent, just wait and see what happens if another liberal gets invited to that club.

That’s why Obama, liberals and the media are licking their collective chops.  Based on the history of Congress during the past seven years, they understand there is little standing in their way.  Obama realizes he’ll be able to add another liberal justice during his last year in office because Republicans will not demonstrate the requisite political or moral courage needed to stop him.

And that is exactly why Conservatives are filled with an overwhelming sense of fear, dread and foreboding.   We know that Republicans always talk tough at first but collapse when the chips are down.  Remember all those GOP campaign promises?  Regrettably, their pledges to repeal ObamaCare, reduce excessive government spending, impeach the IRS Commissioner, defund Planned Parenthood, stop Syrian Refugee resettlement and stop Obama’s attempt to flood America with illegal aliens have all gone asunder.

The Republican establishment cares more about donations from special interest groups than about the future of America.  The GOP fears getting attacked by the New York Times and MSNBC more than they fear hostility from Conservatives and the Tea Party.  All Obama need do is threaten a government shutdown if Republicans don’t give him an up/down vote and they will fold.  Yelling “GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN” at Senate Republicans is like flashing a cross at vampires on a sunny day: they scream, shield their eyes, cower and run.

In 2013 Republicans actually let Senate Democrats invoke the “Nuclear Option” (vote by simple majority instead of the normal 60 votes) when confirming Circuit Court judges.  This serious capitulation allowed Obama and Democrats to pack the critical D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals with liberals who will haunt Conservatives almost forever.  And Senate Republicans ceded their Constitutional rights as a minority party without a fight.

Past is prologue.

Despite their sordid history of repeated capitulations, we implore Congressional Republicans to understand the gravity of the situation now facing America.  We exhort them to NEVER hold hearings on a new SCOTUS judge until a new president is sworn into office even if it’s Hillary.  We can start that confirmation fight when the time comes.  Republicans should not even start hearings because they will just get bulldozed by Obama and the media if they do.  Don’t come to a gun fight with a pen knife.  In addition, the GOP controlled Senate must not adjourn for any reason until 1/21/17 to ensure that Obama can’t trick them with a recess appointment to SCOTUS.

More importantly, however, CP-USA implores all conservatives, Tea Party activists, Libertarians and Independents to give Republicans some spine.  Keep their feet to the fire.  Give them the courage to resist the clarion calls by Democrats and the media.  Help the Conservative Party rally conservatives on this critical issue.  The future of the traditional American culture hangs in the balance. Literally.

Remember, democratic civilizations often die by committing suicide not from being murdered.

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H. Michael Hervey
Chief Political Officer
Conservative Party USA

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