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Why Trump Attacks Fox & Megan Kelly -

Repeatedly picking fights with Fox News and Megan Kelly is one of the most

puzzling things Donald Trump has done during this campaign. Why … Read More

Trump Growing The GOP with…Democrats -

It’s clear that Donald Trump confused acting “Presidential” at the last

debate with acting like he just had a frontal lobotomy. His performance

looked … Read More

It’s Time For Rubio and Kasich to Bow Out -

Based on their less-than-stellar performances during this primary season,
it’s clear that Senator Rubio and Gov. Kasich need to exit stage left.
Read More

FEAR Always Handcuffs Republicans -

The Republican Party has always been afraid of…everything. That’s why
Trump is whipping their candidates in the primaries and that’s why Trump
Read More

Sharpton Threatens to Leave if Trump Wins -

The less-than-honorable Reverend Al Sharpton threatened to leave America if
Donald Trump becomes President.

Well, it looks like CP-USA might reconsider its Ted … Read More

Pope Pandered To Mexico -

During his trip to Mexico Pope Francis wrongly inserted himself into US
politics by attacking Trump for his desire to build a wall … Read More

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