Happy New Year: Limbaugh & Graham Slash GOP – FINALLY

The rough and tumble year in politics ended 2015 on a high note for true Conservatism.  Rush Limbaugh and Franklin Graham finally came to their senses by publically smashing and crashing the very outdated notion that America needs the Republican Party anymore.  Welcome to the party, gentlemen.  It’s about time.

Taliban-bearded Paul Ryan, Snitch McConnell and the usual suspects in the hidebound GOP establishment passed a $1.2 Trillion Budget that betrayed most of the campaign promises Republicans made to America during the past four years.  Sneaker Boehner passed the “Torch of Betrayal” to Ryan and sang “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” while doing so.  This Budget calamity funded EVERYTHING Obama and the Democrats wanted.  Planned Parenthood was funded in toto.  So was Obama’s plan to settle 10,000 Syrian refugees in America against the will of the people.

In addition to raising the national debt yet again, this Budget fiasco also gave ObamaCare more operating funds and allows Obama to issue 100,000 additional work permits (Green Cards) to low-wage foreign nationals who will replace American white collar workers.  Shameful!

The growing mountain of GOP betrayals and broken pledges are piled so high we need wings to rise above it.  One provision of the Budget gives the IRS (yes, the IRS that harassed Tea Party groups and lied about it) the power to suspend your passport if you fail to pay back taxes.  Instead of actually impeaching the IRS Commissar as they promised, Republicans just gave that rogue organization even more power.  Amazing!

Evangelist Graham renounced his GOP affiliation after it passed funding for Planned Parenthood.  This man of God and principle could no longer stomach the blatant betrayal of Republican promises to cut such funding one day yet spin around and give them $528M the next day.  That’s right, Republicans gave PP millions so it can perform late-term abortions and dissect baby parts to sell for profit.  Disgraceful!

The GOP has blood on its hands for sure.  That includes the so-called Freedom Caucus who stood by and allowed it all to happen.  The Conservative Party calls for a true Conservative to challenge and defeat Ryan and in his 2016 primary.   Paul Ryan is nothing but a thin, sober version of John Boehner.

Limbaugh was so aghast that he called this Budget “worse than a betrayal” of conservative values and GOP promises.  Rush rightly pointed out that Republicans sold Conservatives “down the river” and exclaimed that the Republican Party should be dissolved.  Well, the Conservative Party has been making those salient points for the past five years.  We think the GOP has betrayed conservatives (and our values), back-stabbed us morally, hand-cuffed us politically and tossed us in the river like yesterday’s trash.  Then we get ignored…until the next election cycle when they want our money and votes.  This is not new, Rush.  Well, better late than never as they say.

We urge all Conservatives, Tea Party members and CP-USA friends to reach out to Rev. Graham and Rush Limbaugh.  Explain our value system and Platform. The time has come for all good people to come to the aide of their fellow Conservatives.  If Rush Limbaugh, Franklin Graham, Michael Savage and Glen Beck have the courage to leave the GOP then you should, too.

America…there is no point to having two Democrat Parties.   JOIN the Conservative Party.


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