GOP Has No Place To Hide Now

The Conservative Party extends our heartfelt and sincere congratulations to President-elect Donald J. Trump for his epic Election Day victory.  Patriotic Americans across the fruited plain made a collective sigh of relief because the long-term corruption and unrepentant lies of Billary Clinton were not rewarded.  If the FBI didn’t have the courage to provide legal justice in July, God and the America people swore they would remember in November.

The 2016 election totally repudiated everything Obama and the crass immorality of Clinton.  The Unites States would have lurched from scandal to scandal to scandal if Clinton had won.

Ding dong, the witch is dead…the wicked witch is dead. Burn all the brooms and don’t worry about global warming.

Not only did Trump eviscerate all those feckless Democrat-sponsored media polls, he also shredded the faded and worn fabric of the DC Establishment. That includes all the weak-kneed Republican Establishment that shunned Trump because they feared losing the Senate and House because the Clinton-Media machine would whip them like tethered goats.  In reality, however, it was Trump who actually saved the GOP.  Trump had the coattails while Republicans had the petticoats.

Donald Trump took key blue states that no Republican Presidential candidate has won in a political generation.  Pennsylvania, the perennial graveyard of Republican dreams, voted Trump.  He won Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio. Think about that for a moment! Boom.  When Trump won Florida and North Carolina all those silly little Starbucks-sipping snowflakes at the Clinton “victory” party started crying.  That image alone made paying your cable bill worth it.

Trump won because he cares about America and what American citizens think. Obama/Clinton lost because they care about immigrants and what the media thinks.  Simple.

Billary and Obama are losers for sure.  But the biggest losers are the mainstream media. There has never been such obvious, over-the-top and blatant anti-Trump/Republican bias in recent memory.  The media is so corrupt that it colluded with Democrats and the Clinton Campaign by sending articles for prior approval and gave Clinton debate questions in advance. But voters are now keenly aware of this corrosive Democrat-Media duplicity; it drove many of them to vote for Trump in protest.  In addition, we deplorables grew weary of the arrogant, self-absorbed media looking down their noses at our traditional values and with complete disregard for any opinion that wasn’t in lock-step with theirs.

But President Trump and Republicans better watch out. They will control the Executive Branch. They will control both Chambers of Congress. They will nominate and vote on SCOTUS and Federal judges.  That all means they no longer have any place to hide.  They have no room for spineless excuses for not keeping the campaign promises to reduce the debt, stop illegal immigration, strangle ObamaCare and kill terrorists. They can’t blame Obama anymore.  They can’t blame the Senate or the weather or say the dog ate their homework.

The GOP now owns it. They better work it.  Full speed ahead and don’t stop for any red lights. NO MORE EXCUSES ACCEPTED.

Help CP-USA keep Republicans on the right track.  Based on their sordid history of collapsing when the media and Democrats ramp up their coordinated attacks, you’ll want us on that wall. You’ll need us on that wall.


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