FEAR Always Handcuffs Republicans

The Republican Party has always been afraid of…everything. That’s why
Trump is whipping their candidates in the primaries and that’s why Trump
will spank the GOP Establishment if it tries to wrest the nomination from

Republicans are afraid of the media, Obama and Democrats. They’re afraid to
offend Independents. They’re afraid of getting blamed for a government
shutdown. They’re afraid of unions and illegal aliens. They’re afraid of
Latinos and Blacks. They’re afraid of their own shadows. It’s a wonder
Republicans can get out of bed in the morning and probably don’t walk past
cemeteries at night.

The only people Republicans don’t fear are Conservatives and the Tea Party.

Fear is also why Republican candidates didn’t attack Trump during the
primaries; they were afraid to offend his supporters who they coveted in
case he collapsed. While that might have been a valid concept, it just
confirms they always operate out of fear. Although Bush pushed back weakly
and Cruz slapped him lightly, Trump traveled through all the debates
unsullied until last week.

At long last Cruz and Rubio are stepping on the gas and not acting like
they’re afraid. Finally. But it might be too late. Many people (especially
Trump voters) will see this aggression as acts of late-term desperation
rather than new-found courage.

*H. Michael Hervey*
Chief Political Officer
Conservative Party USA
Twitter: @cpartyusa_01
Tumblr: hmhervey.tumblr.com/

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