Santorum Exit Confirms Republican Party is not Conservative

The Conservative Party USA extends its heartfelt thanks to Senator Rick Santorum for giving true conservatives some hope during the GOP primaries. Despite a shoe-string budget, media coverage that either ignored him or attacked him (in that order) and the complete lack of GOP establishment support, Santorum punched far above … Read More

The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

The Conservative Party USA extends our heartfelt and sincere condolences to the parents and family of Trayvon Martin. Based on what is currently known, Trayvon appears to have been an average teen with only minor brushes with authorities. None of those instances, however, should be used to explain away the … Read More


Anyone reading the mission statement of the Conservative Party USA will understand that our primary purpose is to restore the limits and boundaries of government as defined by our founding documents.  You may hear comments like our being willing to return to the days of slavery and other such nonsense.  … Read More

Big Corporate America

If power corrupts through bigness, why cannot I pose the point that power corrupts Corporate America because of its size? And, I pose the additional point that Corporate America is as incestuous in its conduct as we blame Big Government. Big Government is bad; Big Corporate America is bad.

Wow, … Read More

Don’t be intimidated because. . .

It is a principle of our nature that the individual is sovereign. The everyday meaning of the word, sovereign is to be “independent of” any other person or entity. Volunteers in the Conservative movement will most often  encounter intimidation by the opposition. We know their responses, “I can’t believe you … Read More

Steaming Hot Pie

I think you would agree that we live in turbulent times. You only have to watch 15 minutes of any news program to know just how tumultuous times have become.  This is a predictable result of the obvious lack of virtue and knowledge in our society and culture, and a … Read More

Internet “Kill” Switch

We need to kill the proposed Collins/Leiberman Senate bill giving the president the authority to shut down the Internet. This is supposed to halt harm to our banking assets, to name one reason given. That logic is like cutting off water to your home because a faucet is leaking in … Read More