Civil Disobedience and Nullification are Pathways to…REVOLUTION

The Conservative Party’s SCOTUS Trilogy

This is the third essay of a three (3) part series that outlines CP-USA’s response to the recent SCOTUS rulings and what Americans should do to help save America.

Part 1 explained how SCOTUS gave the gay mafia ammunition to kill American values.

Part 2 highlighted how the cowardly GOP failed to repeal ACA when they had chance.

Part 3 – Civil Disobedience and Nullification are Pathways to…REVOLUTION

“…Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,…”

Those powerful and historic words are carved into consciousness of the American people when the Founding Fathers penned the Declaration of Independence. The Founders understood that governments can sometimes become tyrannical and forget that they must rule WITH THE CONSENT of the governed…we the people.

Sadly, the current leaders of the US government and the Supreme Court have become what our Founders feared: tyrannical, corrupt and out of touch.

We the people, therefore, no longer consent.

Based on the unlawful executive actions of a rogue President (allowing waves of illegal immigrants to flood this nation against our will), recent Supreme Court decisions that gutted the right of Americans to manage their own lives (forced us to accept gay marriage against our will), a totally corrupt Congress (list too long for this essay) and an inept unionized federal work force (IRS, VA, hacked personnel records, etc.) it has become clear to patriots and Conservatives that the time has come to…”alter or abolish” certain parts of the Federal government. Or ignore it.


The Conservative Party urges all Conservatives to engage in peaceful civil disobedience to confound the recent SCOTUS decision that forces gay marriage in all 50 states. That absurd decision is a direct frontal assault on traditional American values and rips away our religious freedoms. At the very least, the Court should have allowed states to decide such moral and religious issues. SCOTUS has lost a large measure of its credibility with this legal overreach because the liberal/gay mafia will now use that Court ruling to attack, vilify and marginalize Christians who do not bow to the gay manifesto.

We must reject that ruling at every turn. We must disobey all federal and state court decisions or government decrees supporting that SCOTUS ruling even if it means fending off lawsuits or loss of one’s job. We must file counter lawsuits. We must delay and restrict issuing any gay marriage licenses. Support individuals and companies who refuse to participate in gay weddings with on-line crowd funding projects, for example. We must NULLIFY this court decision until “we the people” elect a real American President (and true conservatives to Congress) who will fix this God forsaken Court.

The gay mafia will call it discrimination; Conservatives can rightly call it religious freedom.

The Article V Amendment Convention

In parallel to the actions outlined above, the Conservative Party has always supported the concept of convening an Article V Amendment Convention as a way to restrict the oppressive State within the strict confines of the Constitution via the Amendment process. However, Congress has purposely dragged its collective feet to delay that process despite the fact that 2/3 of state legislatures have already proclaimed their desire to convene it. The two major parties (Ruling Class) have conspired and colluded to maintain political power at all costs. In addition, too many Conservatives, Evangelicals and Tea Party members have lost hope and gotten languid about pressing this important Constitutional tool.

CP-USA urges Conservatives to redouble their efforts to convene an AVC. Organize. Hold town hall* meetings. Press Congress to follow the Constitution.


In addition, CP-USA urges all Conservatives and Tea Party members to formulate ways & means to create conservative sanctuary cities and counties. In direct opposition to many federal laws to the contrary, conservative sanctuary cities would: ban gay marriage; stop abortion on demand; arrest and prosecute illegal aliens and the companies that hire them; outlaw recreational pot; reject any implementation of ObamaCare, just to list a few items. If liberals can operate sanctuary cities for illegals with complete impunity from Federal prosecution for the past 20 years, there is no good reason why Conservatives should not be able to operate in a similar fashion. Federal and state courts have lost the moral and legal standing to counter such conservative sanctuary initiatives.

Taken one step forward, the concept of conservative sanctuary cities/counties can quickly evolve into a union of conservative sanctuary states. While it’s very difficult for conservative states to exit the USA, conservative states like TX, OK, UT, AL, MS, GA, MO (and other conservative states) could enter into a mutually beneficial Conservative Union that would: cooperate politically; share resources; manage its own revenues in concert; enforce its own laws with its own courts; ignore the Supreme Court; make English the official language; and operate in direct political defiance of the oppressive Federal Government. Such a political/legal federation will be united under the principle of INTERPOSITION. A Conservative Union would still have representation in Congress because it would still pay federal taxes (maybe?) and still receive Federal funding while avoiding a Civil War-type secession.

We Conservatives must finally deem to implement meaningful state’s rights/sovereignty through the process of Nullification and Interposition to counter an oppressive federal government and a run-away Supreme Court. We the people no longer consent to be governed by the current government on moral and religious issues that do not reflect our Judeo-Christian values.

We the people must act. We Conservatives must act by pushing hard for AVC. Since that depends on Congress to act (good luck with that), we should also engage in Nullification…while the AVC glacial process evolves. Serious consideration must also be given to the concept of reinstating states rights via Interposition which does not require any Congressional approval. Interposition is Nullification writ large.

The time has come for “we the people” to act. If not now, when?

JOIN the Conservative Party. Help us save America from the Ruling Class of Republi-Dems.

* CP-USA will announce a national on-line town hall meeting to discuss these issues. Stay tuned.

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