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We want your opinion, so let us explain how all this works. Above most postings is a link titled, “Comments.” or “No Comments.” The “No” part is only there when there are no comments…yet! Some posts are editorial and not subject to commenting. In that case, the “Comment” link will not be there. If you wish to post a comment on anything already written, click on that “Comment” link above the original post.

If this is your first time to post a comment, you will be required to register. Don’t feel insulted. The reason that is necessary is that “Bad” people, certainly not you, post all kinds of nasty stuff. One of our editorial volunteers will contact you to discuss what level of content you would like to write. Some people just wish to make a short comment. Others can be authorized as “Authors” to write in-depth essays.

Here is how to get registered. Send an e-mail to requesting authority to write comments at this blog. Also, give us the username you wish to use. Usernames once established cannot be changed. Approval will be accomplished as soon as possible. At that time a preliminary password will be established for you that can be changed by you anytime after you log in the first time.

After registering, you become a member of the CP-USA Blog Group and can post to your hearts content. Blogging permission may be reduced or eliminated at the discretion of CP-USA leadership.

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