America Has Spoken; Let the GOP Recriminations Begin

The most momentous and contentious presidential election in modern American history is over and the people have their revenge. The United States lost and the GOP got shellacked.

The Conservative Party grudgingly congratulates President Obama and his mainstream media allies like CBS for their deft political legerdemain: convincing 51% of swing state voters that he should be allowed to mismanage this country for another term.

The four Americans left to die – alone – in Libya must be grave spinning.

We have met the enemy and the enemy is us. Sadly, that old adage about the American people being wise is now in serious doubt. Obama’s state-ist ideology carried the day and now the rest of us who voted against him must hold our collective breaths to see how America will survive under an über liberal Obama Administration unshackled from any re-election constraints.

Katie, bar the door….and hide your wallet! Damn the Constitution, full speed ahead with more Executive Orders that skirt and undermine Congressional review. Who’s going to stop him, Speaker Boehner? America needs strong committed conservatives in the Executive Branch and Congress. The House alone can’t save America.

Americans have spoken and we’ve decided to become wards of the Federal government. We’ve rejected the concept of self-reliance, hard work, rewarding the successful and less-is-more government. Those are were the very qualities that made America the greatest nation on earth. No more. America is now a “47% Nation” where people are dependent on welfare and ObamaCare. Even drug addict Jessie Jackson Jr. won re-election from his Mayo Clinic bed while Colorado and Washington actually legalized Marijuana.

Mitt Romney is a decent, hard-working, successful and honest patriot who promoted the very essence of traditional American values. But our new crop of voters rejected that message.

America has fallen too far and may not recover.

Since Obama took office the food stamp rolls have increased 75 times more than employment rolls. The people who work in the coal industry better queue up at welfare offices because Obama and the EPA will really crush them now. Of course the national debt will continue to rise like bread dough in a warm pantry and be forgotten until the next election.

That one percent will now be hung by their collective taxable toes and shaken until all their hard-earned money falls into government coffers where it will be spent on more entitlement programs. It looks like revenge and resentment resonates in America today while patriotism does not. Saul Alinsky is looking up at us smiling.

While CP-USA certainly pulled for Romney to defeat Obama, we knew he was not a true conservative. His nomination also proved – once again – that the Republican Party is not conservative. Romney’s defeat also proved that a Republican moderate can’t win a presidential election even when America is on the brink and even when stacked against a European-style socialist like Obama.

The GOP is rife with self-serving clowns like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock. The GOP didn’t retake the Senate in part because those clowns can’t string two coherent, articulate sentences together about their rape and abortion positions. Those important issues just need people with higher IQ’s to defend them. Akin put his ego in front of common sense, stayed in the race and got thumped by 15% in a state Romney carried by 10%. Mourdock also lost big. Surprise! True conservative Alan West’s Republican primary opponent actually endorsed the Democrat in the general election. Imagine that! West lost the bid to keep his seat.

Let us be the first to say “May the GOP R.I.P.”

Gov. Chris Christie heaped excessive and effusive praise on Obama for his handling of the response just one day after hurricane Sandy wrecked the East coast. The day after and before any meaningful help was provided. That premature love-fest was just like the Nobel Committee awarding Obama the Peace Prize before he ascended to the throne and even before he started killing hundreds of Muslims with peaceful drone strikes. Perhaps Obama promised Christie a free year-long coupon at an “all you can eat” buffet.

The “conservative” media types like Peggy Noonan, Charles Krauthammer and David Brooks often ripped Romney during the campaign to the dismay of conservatives and to the delight of the rest of the media. It’s party time for that conga line of left-wing nuts at MSDNC (aka MSNBC) and The New York Times. It’s soul-searching time for Republicans. Happy now, Peggy?

CBS helped Obama immeasurably by purposely withholding key transcripts where Obama refused to call the Libya attack an act of terror in his “60 Minutes” interview. Liberal media malpractice at its worst.

Pollsters like Michael Barone and Dick Morris are galaxy-class idiots: they predicted Romney would win more than 300 Electoral College votes and carry PA, OH and WI. They should both open a chain of “going-out-of-business” stores. Karl Rove needs a new job, too.

Republicans blew it again and we told you they would two years ago. Moderate Republicans lost two consecutive presidential elections. Paul Ryan notwithstanding, the remaining conservatives in Congress (both of them) will be under increasing pressure to compromise on spending, the debt ceiling and immigration. And compromise is the main reason why America is in such dire fiscal straits today.

The Republican Party is now officially on suicide watch. OK, let’s all watch. Film at 11.

To all conservative Republicans that survive that surreal experience we say: it’s time for you and fellow Tea Party activists to leave the GOP and join CP-USA. We’re called the Conservative Party for good reason. When we conservatives run conservative campaigns, we win. Think 2010.

“Come Home America”®

H. Michael Hervey
Conservative Party USA
Twitter: @cpartyusa_01

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